Cover story with the artist in Onne & Only magazine.

The artist gave an interview for this special edition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the magazine Onne & Only, from Porto Alegre. Available in digital and printed versions.

Release 12/18/2023.

International Seminar “Perceiving Art: Physics Principles and Research Challenges”

The artist gives a talk at this workshop funded by the National Science Foundation (USA), as part of the broader program “Exploring the Intersection between Science and Art”.

Henri Poincaré Institute, Paris, France.
From 15 to 10/18/2023.

“Pintura pensamento”

Exhibition with Frantz at Ocre Galeria in Porto Alegre.
The exhibition brings a dialogue between the two artists' works in painting.
Essay by André Severo.
From 06/05 to 27/05/2023.

Launch of the book "Cartographies of nonexistent worlds - Manoel Veiga"

With a guided tour of the exhibition led by Agnaldo Farias and the artist himself.
Texts by Heloisa Espada and Andrzej Herczyński. Interview with the artist by Agnaldo Farias and Diego Matos.
Ipsis Editions, São Paulo, Brazil.
MAC USP, 25/03/2023, 11:00 am.

The exhibition “Cartographies of nonexistent worlds - Manoel Veiga”, on display at MAC USP until January 29 and curated by Heloisa Espada, was listed among the 15 best of the year 2022 by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

International Seminar "Intersections between Art and Science: Contemporary Debates”

The seminar takes place as a parallel program to the exhibition Manoel Veiga: cartography of non-existent worlds, on display at MAC USP from 22/10/2022 to 29/07/2023.

Cartographies of nonexistent worlds

Solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art at USP in São Paulo. The exhibition brings a selection of the last 15 years of the artist's work.
Curated by Heloisa Espada.
From 22/10/2022 to 29/01/2023.

20 years of Faxinal das Artes

Group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná in Curitiba.
Curated by Jhon Voese.
From 18/10/2022 to 26/02/2023.

Cover of Carta de São Paulo Magazine

The work Hubble #45 on the cover of the April 2022 issue of the Carta de São Paulo magazine of the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis.

Warps in space-time

Solo exhibition, Dan Gallery Interior, Votorantim, São Paulo.
Curated by Camila Bechelany.
From 21/05 to 09/07/2022.

Espelho Labirinto

Group exhibition at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Brasília: CABRA and Sérgio Carvalho Collection.
Curated by Vicente de Mello and Aldones Nino.
From 19/01 to 13/03 of 2022.

Master's thesis defense on the Dark Matter series

Author: Jamile Siliane da Silva.
Supervisors: Alice de Oliveira Viana and Antonio Carlos Vargas.
State University of Santa Catarina

Ar: Acervo Rotativo

Group exhibition at the Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo.
Curated by Laerte Ramos.
From 29/10 to 19/11 of 2021.

O que é raíz e não vértice

Group exhibition at the Base Gallery in São Paulo.
Curated by Paulo Azeco.
From 28/11/2020 to 23/01 of 2021.

The artist shows his works done during the pandemic

Video about the artist's production in the first half of 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. Published in August 2020. Only in portuguese.

International meeting about art and science in Cambridge, England

The artist participates in a meeting for the creation of a new international platform for the colaboration between artists, physicists and mathematicians. With the support of the Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (England) and the National Science Foundation (USA).

Moller Insitute, Churchill College, England, 04-06/03/2020.

Carcará Magazine #21

The Dark Matter series appears in the new edition of the Carcará Magazine, number 21, specialized in photography.
Editor Carlo Cirenza, text by Fernando Rios.

Launch of the book "Dark Matter" in São Paulo

Texts by Agnaldo Farias, Bianca Dias, David Barro, and Galciani Neves.
Barléu Editions, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Anexo Millan, 3/12/2019.

Manoel Veiga - 10 years in Germany

Solo exhibition, Dengler Und Dengler Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
Curated by Steffen Dengler.
From 20/09 to 15/11/2019.

Dark Matter

Solo exhibition, Centro Cultura Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Curated by Agnaldo Farias.
From 26/06 to 03/08/2019.

Arte 1 Encontra - with Manoel Veiga

Gisele Kato interviews the artist Manoel Veiga for the TV series "Arte 1 Encontra", for the ARTE 1 cable TV. 2019 . Only in portuguese.


Group exhibition, Dengler Und Dengler Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
From 30/11/2018 to 23/03/2019.

Bravo! Magazine - Artist's studio

The artist received Bravo! Magazine in his studio in November 2018 to talk about his paintings and the Hubble and Dark Matter series.
Directed by Henk Nieman. English subtitles.

Dark Matter

Solo exhibition, Galeria Alfinete, Brasília, Brazil.
From 21/04 to 12/05/2018.

Form in Art: Art of Form

Group exhibition, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, England.
Curated by Barry Phipps.
From 22/11 to 15/12/2017.


Group exhibition, National Museum, Brasília, Brazil.
Curated by Tereza de Arruda.
From 17/11/2017 to 25/02/2018.

Manoel Veiga - paintings and photographs

Solo exhibition, Dengler Und Dengler Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
From 22/9 to 17/11/2017.

Launch of the book "Manoel Veiga"

Texts by David Barro, Agnaldo Farias, Adolfo Montejo Navas, Christine
Frérot and Manoel Veiga.
DARDO Editions, Spain.
Instituto Tomie Ohtake, 5/9/2017.

The Vastness of the Maps

Group exhibition, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba-Brazil.
Curated by Agnaldo Farias.
From 31/5 to 6/8/2017.

MAC USP in the 21st century: the era of artists

EGroup exhibition, Museu de Arte Contemporânea da USP, São Paulo-Brazil.
Curated by Katia Canton.
From 20/5/2017 to 5/2022.

Dark Matter

Solo exhibition, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba-Brazil.
Curated by Galciani Neves.
From 16/3 to 11/6/2017.

Maps, Charts, Guides & Portulans

Group exhibition, Sala Santander, São Paulo-Brazil.
Curated by Agnaldo Farias.
From 9/5 to 30/6/2016.

Manoel Veiga - Paintings and Photographs

Solo exhibition, Mezanino Gallery, São Paulo-Brazil.
Critical essay by Agnaldo Farias.
From 17/6 to 11/7/2015.


Group exhibition, Dengler Und Dengler Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
From 11/6 to 24/7/2015.

Bienal de Pintura

Group exhibition, Virgílio Gallery, São Paulo-Brazil.
Curated by Ricardo Ramalho.
From 17/6 to 25/7/2015.


Group exhibition, Ateliê Aberto, Campinas-Brazil.
From 9/6 to 8/7/2015.

Spreading Time

Solo exhibition, Dengler Und Dengler Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
From 9/3 to 16/5/2015.

Arte 1 Em Movimento

The artist Manoel Veiga visits the 31 edition of the Bienal de São Paulo for the TV program "Arte 1 Em Movimento", for the ARTE 1 cable TV. Only in portuguese.


Group exhibition, Galeria Quarta Parede, São Paulo - Brazil.
Curated by Manoel Veiga
From 26/9 to 25/10/2014.

Estudos, esboços e esnsaios poéticos sobre arquitetura e territórios afins

Group exhibition, Galeria Carbono, São Paulo - Brazil.
Curated by Agnaldo Farias
From 4/2 to 15/3/2014.

Duplo Olhar, um recorte da Coleção
Sérgio Carvalho

Group exhibition, Paço das Artes, São Paulo - Brazil.
Curated by Denise Mattar.
From 26/1 to 6/4/2014.

MACS um acervo em formação

Group exhibition, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Sorocaba, Sorocaba - Brazil.
Curated by Fábio Magalhães
From 30/11 to 20/12/2013.

A Imagem Adquirida, acervo MAC/Goiás

Group exhibition, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Goías, Goiânia - Brazil.
Curated by Gilmar Camilo
From 26/11/2013 to 9/3/2014.


São Paulo, Brasil