A selection of documentaries and interviews with the artist

Manoel Veiga - trajectory, works.

Manoel Veiga talks about his background, trajectory and main work groups (paintings, Hubble and Dark Matter).

This conversation took place on 12/8/2020, as an extra meeting to close the online course "Conversations about painting - a walk with Manoel Veiga", given by the artist during the second half of 2020.

Only in portuguese.

Manoel Veiga – series Encontra – Arte 1

Visual artist Manoel Veiga receives Gisele Kato in his studio-house. Born in Recife, Brazil, installed in São Paulo, moves easily from the comfort of your home to the work environment, both in the same space. The same parallel explains the transition from engineering, his initial training, to visual arts - built through a constant dialogue between the two performances. He also talks about his creative process and the stigma of error, which fosters his most recent production. The Itaú Cultural Encyclopedia presents the series “Encontra”, produced by the channel Arte 1. Directed by Gisele Kato and Ricardo Sêco. Duration 25 min. Program aired in 2019. Only in portuguese.

Bravo! Magazine - Artist's studio

Manoel Veiga graduated as an Electronic Engineer, having been a grantee at the Physics Department. This experience has influenced his artistic work, not only in his paintings where he uses natural phenomena like diffusion and gravity but also in his photographic series like “Dark Matter” where he uses a computer to intervene in Caravaggio’s work in order to discuss the representation of natural space in art. The artist received Bravo! Magazine in his studio in November 2018 to talk about his paintings and the Hubble and Dark Matter series.
Directed by Henk Nieman. Duration of 5 minutes. English subtitles.

Arte 1 Channel - First time

Manoel Veiga talks about the influence received from Caravaggio, the 16th century Italian master, that led him to create the “Dark Matter” series. Program exhibited at the tv channel Arte 1 in June 2017.
Directed by Gisele Kato. Duration of 5 minutes. English subtitles.

Conversation with Agnaldo Farias - Galeria Mezanino

Manoel Veiga talks about his work with the art critic and curator Agnaldo Farias, on the occasion of the artist solo show at the Mezanino Contemporary Art Gallery in São Paulo (June 30th 2015).
Video of Rodrigo Belotto. Duration 1 hour and 23 minutes. Only in portuguese.

São Paulo, Brasil