In the Matéria Dark series, the starting point are images of Caravaggio's paintings, a reference to Veiga for his use of space, including and activating the “void”, the gap between characters, objects and architecture. Their colors are eliminated and everything other than clothes and draperies is erased. This work connects with the artist's current production, be it the paintings that also include the “void”, such as the space work in the Hubble series. In it the fabrics that surround the figures, objects, etc., gain connotation of cosmic fabric. The title refers to a new type of matter that does not interact with light. Its presence is inferred by the gravitational effect it causes on visible matter. Transposing this reasoning, Manoel Veiga's dark matter is inferred by the curvature of the tissues.

︎︎︎  Arte 1 Channel - First time

Manoel Veiga talks about the influence received from Caravaggio, the 16th century Italian master, that led him to create the “Dark Matter” series. Program exhibited at the tv channel Arte 1 in June 2017.
Directed by Gisele Kato. Duration of 5 minutes. English subtitles.

︎︎︎   The artist’s book “Passion according to Caravaggio - Book II”, marked the begining fo this series in 2017: fabric-covered hardcover, 22 pages printed on canvas,  35 x 25 cm, edition of 15.


São Paulo, Brasil