The paintings reveal the development of his language/process in which natural phenomena (diffusion, gravity, capillarity etc) are used as tools that will construct the artwork, following a well structured technical procedure that nonetheless accommodates in its core a certain measure of randomness. Brushes are seldom used, and it is in an indirect manner that the author guides the flowing of the paint. When these movements are eventually fixated on canvas, the image of a new space is generated that may be easily associated with everything natural, for the procedures created by the artist include the very same phenomena employed in Nature when, among others, the following are constructed: a landscape, cellular tissues, corals, the dispersion of stellar gas. This usage of the word “natural” does not relate to the traditional metaphor that refers to the natural world – it is rather a short circuit of meanings. Through these real flows of color we can experience the indissociable character of space and time as automatically constructed by perception, and we may therefore question the nature of representation in art.

︎︎︎  Bravo! Magazine - Artist's studio

Manoel Veiga graduated as an Electronic Engineer, having been a grantee at the Physics Department. This experience has influenced his artistic work, not only in his paintings where he uses natural phenomena like diffusion and gravity but also in his photographic series like “Dark Matter” where he uses a computer to intervene in Caravaggio’s work in order to discuss the representation of natural space in art. The artist received Bravo! Magazine in his studio in November 2018 to talk about his paintings and the Hubble and Dark Matter series.
Directed by Henk Nieman. Duration of 5 minutes. English subtitles.

︎︎︎ Anthological exhibition at MAC USP

Solo exhibition at the USP Museum of Contemporary Art, in São Paulo.
Selection of works from the last 15 years made by curator Heloisa Espada.
From 10/22/2022 to 03/26/2023.



São Paulo, Brasil