In the new Specters series, the artist performs a painting intervention on works from the Dark Matter series, which in turn are prints on canvas whose starting point are images of Caravaggio's paintings that undergo digital manipulation where colors are eliminated and everything is erased except fabrics and clothes, through a slow and manual process using an editing program. In this way, Veiga literally merges his pictorial work with the Dark Matter photographic series, where acrylic paint becomes another connecting element between the drapery remaining from Caravaggio's original work and the dark and undefined space of the background.

︎︎︎  Arte 1 Channel - First time

Manoel Veiga talks about the influence received from Caravaggio, the 16th century Italian master, that led him to create the “Dark Matter” series. Program exhibited at the tv channel Arte 1 in June 2017.
Directed by Gisele Kato. Duration of 5 minutes. English subtitles.


São Paulo, Brasil