This work derived from joining together the artist’s paintings and the same kind of reasoning applied in The Hubble series. The starting point is photos of some details of the paintings, followed by computer editing of these photographed images: the colors are reversed, and the white background of the paintings becomes black, so that it may suggest to the spectator a “direct” connection with the cosmos and its images as released by NASA. Then, certain pieces are digitally cut from these manipulated pictures of different paintings – to be relocated to a new (virtual) space in the computer. The author then works on this material as he does with his paintings, that is, taking advantage of distensions, distortions, and chromatic alterations, so that eventually he produces a coherent space where the various bits and pieces interact. The energy-giving exchanges that were present in the paintings are thus emphasized in this new work on/approach to the artist’s own work. In his The Hubble series, from images of the cosmos one arrives at something close to paintings. In this Universes series, from paintings one arrives at something close to images of the cosmos.

︎︎︎  MACS = “Talking about art” Interviews Manoel Veiga - Universos series

”Talking about art”, produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba, interviews the artist Manoel Veiga about his series "Universos".
Directed by Thiago Consiglio. Duration of 4 min. Only in portuguese.


São Paulo, Brasil